Is your website easy to understand?

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One of the big mistakes businesses make with their content is loading it with business jargon. They think it sounds more professional but it actually works against them.

Your content should be easy to understand, you do not need to use business jargon to prove to your industry colleagues you are smart enough. You need to use words that your customers understand. Be authentic and connect with your customers using simple, easy to understand language so they can clearly see what you are about.

Novices feel the need to use business jargon so they can impress people and look like they have a whole lot of knowledge. Smart marketers use simple easy to understand language that connects with potential clients.

So, go check your website, newsletters and social media posts and see if you are acting like a novice or if you are doing your best to connect with your customers.

Have a great weekend. I hope you found this helpful.

Tony C

Personal Coach / Digital Marketing Specialist

Tony Cutting

Hi, I am Tony Cutting of Tony Cutting Digital.

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