Diabetes Clinic - Autumn Recipes 2019

Download the Autumn Recipe Cook from Julie Buckley

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It is our pleasure to offer you this Autumn cookbook as we welcome in the autumn days. These recipes support diabetics with low carb, healthy fat eating. The recipes are also healthy and a good choice for all the family.

Eating in season is ancient wisdom. Nature tells us precisely what foods are right for the body for each season. These recipes will nourish your body with nutrients and send messages to your hormonal system that you are full and satisfied. When we eat real food that the body was designed to eat, we cannot overeat as there are inbuilt systems to pick up the signals that suggest all is well and as it should be.

Eating real food also gives the body a chance to stop inflammation and constant attacks on our immune system. We can invite healing to occur and get to reset hunger and cravings back to a 'normal' state.

The Diabetes Clinic promotes 'back to basics' and 'home made' as two strategies to restore health, just like our grandparents did (and had to).

Thank you for your interest in our recipes. We hope these bring renewed enthusiasm for healing and eating real food.

Wishing a healthy, happy life!

Kimba Lawrence
Diabetes Clinic


Download the Recipe Book HERE

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