Do you enjoy the content you write about?


In a digital world that demands content every week, in some cases everyday it becomes very easy just to ‘post’ whatever you can find on the day. However, while many people are focusing on ‘getting the job done’ those that take the time to create and/or source content they love win.

Great content is vital in a world where people are bombarded with content on a minute by minute basis through email, social media and now messaging.

To ensure you provide great content you need to 1) make a plan. 2) give yourself time to create content 3) find third party content that ‘fits’ your audience.

The 30% rule still applies today - that is you only need 30% of your content to be about your products/services. however, the other 70% needs to be valuable information that adds value to the people who have signed up to your newsletter, ‘liked’ your Facebook page or follow you on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Tip. To find great third-party content set Google Alerts on the key words that match your services, industry of geography. As you receive these feeds in your email inbox take time to consider “Do I enjoy this content”. If the answer is yes, you may use it to inspire you own writing on the subject or in some cases share this content with your audience (crediting the original source).

Over time you will look for people to collaborate with that may provide great content you enjoy. This maybe paid content (you buy) or as you grow content that helps the other party grow.

Hoping you found this helpful?

Happy Posting.

Tony C

Personal Coach / Digital Marketing Specialist

Tony Cutting

Hi, I am Tony Cutting of Tony Cutting Digital.

I love writing, taking photos and promoting People and Kiwi businesses.

I coach business people on how to grow their business. I am a strong advocate of networking, collaboration, collective marketing, digital marketing and learning how to write and take great images.

With these skills you can take hobbies you love and build a business that will succeed.