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How do Social Media InfLuencers make their money?

Photo by    rawpixel    on    Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered how social media influencers make their money? Does it just seem like they have a lot of fun doing the things they love but maybe they just have a rich dad or something? They are all just either on holidays taking photos or wearing the latest fashion or frequenting Cafes and Restaurants…

Far from it.

As a Digital marketer who has built his business from scratch, I figured there was much more to becoming a successful Social Media Influencer and making a real career or business from this activity. So, I have done some research and here is what I have found to share with you…

To qualify as a Social Media Influencer, you don’t have to make money, however those who do work hard to build a business or career just like other successful people do. The cool thing though is they seem to LOVE what they do!

You can fast track your social media influencer business or career by learning from those who have gone before or working with someone like me who can leverage my networks and reach and help fine tune your approach.

Anyway to whet your appetite for a career as a Social Media Influencer here are some of the ways you can make money.

1.      Build a following then simple sell them products you love (Products that match your brand/style). There are brands who will pay you a commission on sale if you can sell their products.

2.      Sell you own digital products - can be low cost to develop. Build your followng then offer them something they will love. Kayla Itsines is someone who has done just that. Another of my favourites is Ty Moyer from iPhone Photography School

3.      Becoming a brand ambassador is another viable way for people to enter the career as a social media influencer. Here is a good example of a very talented Brand Ambassador who has been developed by a major organisation JP Morgan she is awesome and possibly not what you would think of as a brand ambassador. This is an example of securing a career and developing into a ‘Employment’ Brand Ambassador. So, does this make you think “there are a lot more options out there for me to become a brand ambassador”…

4.      Social Media sponsored posts. Be careful here, your followers follow you for a reason but if a product or service connects with your market then yes you can make money promoting a sponsored post. You will also need to declare to your followers it is a sponsored post so choose wisely.

5.      Podcasts/Webinars/Online Courses all work in similar ways. If you have something to teach your followers and they are willing to subscribe here is another way to generate a good income. This is how you turn your hobby or skill into an online income maker whether it be how to weave flax’ or ‘how to draw pictures’ the scope here is endless.

6.      Coaching other Social Media Influencers - Once you are making a living from your craft, others will always want to know how they can too. There are multiple ways to deliver this training including (5) above.

7.      Become a digital marketing consultant. Use your skills to build a following for other people/businesses and get paid for it.

The fact is there is so many ways you can generate an income once you have something other people are interested in. Whether you do this part-time after school or work, during your lunch hour or even before you start you start the day give it a go. You may find a way to leverage your way into a career or business that you LOVE too.

Smile and have a great day

Tony C
Personal Coach / Digital Marketing Specialist

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