Using high quality images with your digital marketing

Photo by    Igor Miske    on    Unsplash

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

“ A picture paints a thousand words”

I believe the original quote was actually 'A picture is worth ten thousand words' as stated by Fred R. Barnard, of Printers' Ink, 10 March 1927.

Anyway, pictures are so important for your website, blogs and social media marketing these days. However, most small businesses cannot afford to get high quality photos for every piece of work they produce that requires an image so what do you do?

1.    Learn how to take great photos yourself. With today’s technology most of us can take a half decent photo using our cell phones. I use an iPhone, but I have seen great images from other phones as well. It is worth taking a lesson or two to get the basics right and then yu have the means to do a fair percent of your own images. Tip: Horizontal photos work best.

2.    Negotiate. I use local photographers from time to time most are willing to negotiate, and it is worth getting some great customises images for your website.

3.    Use www.istock.com to find images for adverts, blogs etc especially when you want something that fits a theme or style you want to use. They have regular specials if you sign up for the newsletter. Images will cost you between $20-$50 but it is worth the investment at times.

4.    Use UnSplash for FREE images (this is one of my favourite image sites). I use this for adverts and blogs. Not the same collection as iStock but cannot beat the value - remember to credit the photographer (this is why they placed the image on the site). Sometimes it is not quite appropriate but try to give them credit if you can.

5.    Use Pixabay for FREE images very similar to Unsplash and you will see images from same photographers. Same conditions apply - credit the photographer if you can.

There are few other sites which charge you a minimal amount to buy ‘Royalty Free’ images and I am sure there will be a lot more soon. look at https://www.dreamstime.com/ as another option to add to your list. The point is there are loads of ways to find great images.

I personally think it is wise to invest but given time constraints and budgets the options above should help you out.

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Happy Posting.

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