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If you are keen to become a competent Digital Marketer or Social Media Influencer you will need to understand and learn how to use the tools of the trade. One of your most important tools is your smart phone. My choice is Apples iPhone as it comes with a whole bunch of features that makes life so much easier for you.

Like any tool. I suggest you search out great training. I can help if you choose to invest in an iPhone.

My iPhone has been used for many projects and has helped me build my business. Once you have mastered how to use the functions and hold it steady your iPhone will be your go-to tool of choice.

Here are some handy tips to get you started.

Creating incredile still shots with your iPhone

Still life photography might seem tough, but it doesn’t have to be.

Use A Tripod For Perfectly Sharp Still Life Images, To get a beautiful still life, you must avoid camera shake. So for product shots especially your investment in a tripod will be well rewarded.

NB: Camera shake results in crappy photos.

This is because the best still life photos are taken in indirect light. So you’re not going to be taking still lifes under a bright sun. Instead, you’re often going to be taking still lifes indoors or in the shade. And these are places where the light is weak.

That’s why a tripod is essential. I like to arrange my still lifes on the ground. That way, I can shoot from a standing height. I recommend you do the same.

This also gives you a lot of flexibility when choosing a tripod.

Here is a great article on tripods from the iPhone photography school.

Use Indirect Natural Light For The Best Still Life Photography

But what light is ideal? How do you get stunning still life photos?

Use natural light. And make sure it’s indirect.

Because indirect light will result in soft and even lighting–perfect for still lifes and portraits. I love taking portraits with my iPhone in some of my favourite Cafe’s. The indirect lighting and iPhone ‘Portrait’ setting help me to create wonderful, natural shots of my clients.

Ana Hetem (Life Coach, NLP Practioner) Photo: Tony Cutting iPhone. Location Peppermill Cafe, Porirua NZ.

Ana Hetem (Life Coach, NLP Practioner) Photo: Tony Cutting iPhone. Location Peppermill Cafe, Porirua NZ.

By “indirect” natural light, I’m speaking broadly. For instance, one of my favorite types of indirect light is window light. As you can see with the shot of Anna the indirect sunlight provides great lighting on my subject - Ana.

Ideally, the light coming through the window is indirect–that is, the sun isn’t shining straight through.

Another method of lighting your still lifes is to photograph outdoors–but only on cloudy days. Clouds act as a giant diffuser. They’ll make sure that your still life is lit softly and evenly.

The rule of Thirds

The final tip I am going to share with you today is a photography tip used by nearly all professional photographers. The rule of thirds is a "rule of thumb" or guideline which applies to the process of composing visual images such as designs, films, paintings, and photographs If you notice the photo of ‘Ana’ above she has been taken in 1/3rd of the photo. This allows for space and creates a story in terms of the location.

For more tips and tricks

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Have a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Tony C
Personal Coach / Digital Marketing Specialist