Facebook Tips

Facebook tips for business owners

If you are using Facebook to help promote your business here are a few more tips for you that will help you get a lot more engagement and success.

  1. Post great content - I have said it before and will reiterate this one again. Make your content worth ‘liking’, ‘commenting on’ and most of all worth ‘sharing’. Good content gets engagement and the more your post is seen by the Facebook algorithm as something people are engaging with the more it will allow you to reach.

  2. Be great at Replying - Reply to comments and messages as promptly as you can. Again Facebook provides recognition for this and will reward you with more views.

  3. Place links in comments - Facebook does not like you linking away from your page. So simply placce the link in a comment under the post to avoid the penalties and get more reach.

  4. Build your partners - Businesses who work together by ‘liking’, ‘commenting’ and ‘sharing’ each others post will get a far bigger reach than a business who ‘goes it alone’.

  5. Post video - video is king, second to mulitple images then a single great image. Remember to leave the text to the text section and leave your images nice and clean.

  6. Ask for Engagement - At the end of a great post don’t be afraid to ask for ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘shares’.

  7. Structure your post - A great heading or ‘Hook’ which is seperate from the main body of text encourages people to read on. A seperate call to action paragraph at the end encourages readers to take the action you would like. Space is the key here give each section space before starting the next.

  8. Write posts specifically for engagement - You may want to run a competition or specifically ask people to provide comments. Make your intention clear and see the difference in your results.

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12 Facebook Tactics to increase engagement for your Business Page

Photo by  William Iven  on  Unsplash

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Engagement is the key ingredient for success with any Facebook page. In terms of business pages if you are not consistently thinking about how to improve your engagement then you are missing the boat in terms of what your followers are looking for.

The ultimate engagement is to have your posts shared organically. So how do you create posts that are likely to be shared?

Here are my top 12 tips to help you create more engagement and more shares.

1.      Posts about your business will quickly run out of steam and to be frank possibly will struggle to get the engagement you need to succeed. So, focus your posts on content that provides useful information for the reader - it’s about them not you.

2.      Encouraging followers/audience to ask you questions is a great way to attract engagement and responses. Be thoughtful about what you are asking and make sure you give a timeframe and explain when you will have the answers to the questions.

3.      Share a genuine offer. Personally, I think people are getting wary of the American style of ‘A FREE giveaway’ instead give a really good discount on a product or service for a short period of time (not repeated until next year) and build on this sale to capture clients who will become great testimonials and help to promote your business. Of course, this only applies if you are offering a great product or service. In my book if you are not, then maybe running a business is not for you.

4.      Share your passion for what you do. Genuine passion is super attractive to a large percentage of your audience. Do not be afraid to let people know who you are and why you are doing what you do.

5.      Share you values - This is a tactic which follows on from sharing your passion. Let people know what you and your company value. If you are genuine, and you have strong positive values then this will get results.

6.      Ask for feedback. People love to be included and feel like their opinion matters. Asking your audience for feedback or help with making specific choices in your business? This should provide you with immediate engagement.

7.      Know your audience. Running surveys and engaging with your clients and followers creates engagement. The better you know and understand the people you want to attract and interact with, the easier it is to share information they value.

8.      Sharing relevant posts with your audience. Sharing what’s happening in ‘your followers’ world is a great way to encourage responses. This lets you join in the conversations that are already happening, cementing your place as a concerned, thoughtful friend rather than just a business.

9.      Promote community causes, so you stand for more than just your business - People love people and businesses that stand for more than just making money. On your Facebook page, share updates about local community events, non-profits you support, fundraising activities etc. Whether you are involved in them or not.

10.  Share heart-warming posts. Be careful to be discerning. However, sharing posts that you know will hit the heart. Be genuine and ensure your comments paint a true picture of who you are and why this post was important for you to share.

11.  Share humorous posts. As above be careful and genuine ensure your comments paint a true picture of who you are and why this post was funny for you. Be tasteful!

12.  POST NATIVE VIDEO. It’s simple - loading native videos that contain compelling content that is not too long (1-3 minutes) will get great engagement. This tactic will get more engagement than all of the above.

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