Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google, right?

By a conservative estimate, studies suggest that the first page of the search results receives 75% of web traffic. You need to be on that first page to be visible to new customers. The only problem? Ranking isn’t easy.

Google uses a complex algorithm of 200 ranking factors – and perhaps even more that we don’t know about – to sort through everything that the internet has to offer. Some of these ranking factors are out of your control; you can’t make your domain age faster, after all. Those sorts of things can make it difficult to compete for visibility with larger, more established companies.

You can compete with the big boys, however, if you can develop better content than them. Google even lists content as the first thing for a webmaster to focus on when creating a Google-friendly site: to provide “high-quality content on your pages.”

What works best?

Audiences Want Video Content - Mobiles are dictating rankings.

In 2016, Search Engine Land reported that over 60 percent of all internet searches come from mobile devices. That number has continued to increase since. Google and other search engines are aware of this and have adjusted their algorithms accordingly.

So what exactly does this mean? It means search results are tilting to favor content that’s easily consumable on mobile devices. Do you know what outperforms all other forms of content on mobile?


If you want to rank in the search results, your content must be easily digestible on a mobile platform and fit the needs of a mobile user. If someone’s sitting at a desktop computer, they are generally more willing to read long-form articles or watch a long video. On mobile? Information needs to be quick, concise and cut to the point.

Videos are a perfect solution. And get this – videos can also increase your conversions on landing pages by up to 80%. Why not increase your sales while you’re at it?

The massive advantage.

Companies are quick to get into content marketing or SEO, but slow to create videos. And that’s precisely why creating video footage makes it easy to out-value the competition.

Tony Cutting Digital has been exploring different types of video solutions for the past three years. We can produce video directly ourselves or use a partner if the ideal solution requires something a little different to what we normally work with.

Either way once your video is ready we are the experts in New Zealand for getting your video out there.

Great Images

If video sounds too hard then make sure you include a great image. A gallery of great images will likely perform better then just one. However, remember your content needs to tell a story and the images need to add something to that story. Social media is about engagement, building relationships with your followers and converting these relationships with meaningful content that shows you are a trustworthy provider of whatever good and services you sell.

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