The following projects have been designed to help my clients accelerate their own marketing.  They are networks which use collective marketing to achieve more.

JobCafe is New Zealand solution that promotes Jobs, People and Organisations.  Some of New Zealand's best brands use JobCafe to acheive their marketing goals.

Kapiti Now is a Business Incubator and Marketing collective for businesses on the Kapiti Coast.  We are also committed to providing FREE marketing services for approved community groups and clubs.  Our major goals include promoting this wonderful place we live, work and play in - The Kapiti Coast.

The Kumara Vine is a project with a kaupapa to celebrate Māori & Pasifika success.  It is funded by the Kumara Vine business network and organisations who wish to market jobs to this community.

Possibility is a project to help people with a disability, secure employment or market their business.

I am both a personal coach and digital marketing consultant and set up Tony Cutting Digital earlier this year.  I had over 25 years in the talent management industry prior to moving into digital marketing.

I am now on the hunt to find and/or create New Zealand’s very own Social Media Influencer collective.